Japanese Milk Bread Delivery
Japanese Milk Bread Delivery
Japanese Milk Bread Delivery
Japanese Milk Bread Delivery

Japanese Milk Bread

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Hokkaido (Japanese Milk Bread) is a very popular asian bread. It is known for its fluffy, tender, and soft texture. Traditional Hokkaido Milk Bread is made with a “yudane", simply a roux that is cooked on a stovetop with flour and milk to a certain temperature. Once it reaches the desired temperature and consistency, the roux is chilled down. When mixing the dough the roux is added which gives this Japanese Milk Bread its signature texture we love! Ingredients: milk, yeast, butter, eggs, flour

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Julie Cha

Super fluffy and fresh!

I love how this loaf tastes like it just came out of the oven and love the fluffiness of the bread. The log fills up your house with the smell of freshly baked bread and it taste great just on its own!

Kirby Mekler

Very good milk bread

This milk bread tastes great and is such a nice change from grocery store breads. My one issue with it is that it doesn’t quite taste freshly baked. Which… duh, it had to be shipped. Would totally order again though.

Nicholas Santos

Make a great katsu sando with this

This is quality milk bread and it’s a great size. Only gripe is the packaging it comes in doesn’t help keep it fresh.

Britta Jewell

Nice milk bread

Really love Craftsman & Wolves but hardly ever make it to the bakery, so nice to have this available here. Agree with other reviews that the packaging could be better to keep the loaf fresh.

Ivy Wong

Best milk bread

Keeps well. Had it over the course of 5 days. Even cut the last bit into a hot dog roll and it held up nicely!