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Koji Salt with Porcini & Garlic

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Koji is one of the oldest wild fungi in existence, used in traditional Japanese fermentation to make soy sauce, miso, and sake. Shared Cultures combines their koji with sea salt from San Francisco Salt Co. for a deeply umami flavor, then blends in wild foraged porcini mushrooms from Northern California and Burlap & Barrel purple stripe garlic for a complex, savory accent. Use in place of regular salt to season steaks or pork chops to get all the flavor of a rich pan sauce without the extra work, or try it as a secret weapon to make risottos and pastas even more flavorful.

Ingredients: Koji Salt (Sea salt, water, organic kokuho rose rice, koji culture), Purple stripe garlic, wild foraged porcini mushrooms


Nicole Spear

Amazing to salt steak 🥩

Imparts a great umami flavor with the salt when pre-salting meat. Make Samin Nosrat proud and salt that meat says before to cook it 🧂

Connie Baik

Not as flavorful as I expected.

I thought this would have a bit more umami punch than it does. I think it tastes mostly like salt. But maybe I need to use it on more things to see if it stands out

Richard Hua

Banging with flavor

Goes really well with a lot of things. Must try!

Aiden Ho

Umami bomb

This salt is super versatile and it’s flavor is so umami-packed it goes great with anything