Lamb Chopper Delivery
Lamb Chopper Delivery
Lamb Chopper Delivery
Lamb Chopper Delivery

Lamb Chopper

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3.75 oz.

Cypress Grove's Lamb Chopper is a firm and creamy cheese. Lamb Chopper is made from pasteurized Dutch sheep's milk and aged in The Netherlands for three months before being imported into the U.S, aged for another month or two upon arrival, here in California.

Lamb Chopper is a smooth, creamy and firm Gouda-style cheese that has a delicious sweetness. The color and flavor are buttery; in totality a lovely cheese for cooking, as a sandwich cheese and special enough to serve on a cheese board.

Ingredients: Pasteurized cultured sheep milk, salt, and enzymes.


D Luria

Cypress Grove's hidden gem

A glorious sheep's milk gouda, with all the nuttiness and character of a young Manchego. If you like table cheeses at all, it is impossible to not like this cheese.

Ece Cokar


LOVE this for snacking. is amazing on whole wheat rounds or with raw almonds. a smooth and buttery crowdpleaser, it’s a must on all my cheese platters.

Ivy Wong

Great flavor

Grates beautifully on a Microplane. Gateway cheese for those who have never tried a sheep milk cheese.

Gabby Bonbom

Really good

This was really good

Chloe Beckman


Great solid local cheese.