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Lamb Rack

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0.45 lb.
The lamb at Devil's Gulch are 100% grass-fed, free to graze in the farm's vineyards. This lamb rack is exceptionally juicy and rich in flavor, with a tender, melt-in-your-mouth texture. Devil's Gulch Ranch is a diversified family farm in Nicasio, Marin County that raises rabbit, fowl, pigs, lamb, and sheep, using sustainable, humane agricultural practices.


Connie Baik

Good not great

Perhaps I don’t love lamb that much but I wasn’t a huge fan of this rack. Seemed a bit tough and the bones were not cleaned like picture which is ok but not accurate. Have had better

Harry Shapiro

A real lamb...

There are many "almost sheep" sold as lambs ... this tender petite rack is from an actual lamb.

Kathryn Blanchard

so good

quite possibly the best lamb I have ever eaten. this will be a regular.

Maria Devera

My favorite farm 😇😇😇

My favorite farm. 😍😍😍. Their lamb is like a drug addiction for me. It’s like eating heaven sent meats.