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Lamb Rib Chops

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These Lamb Rib Chops from Williams Ranches Lamb and Sonoma County Meat Company are some of the best lamb chops you can find. Raised by the Williams family in the coastal hills of Sonoma County, sheep graze among the abundant wildlife protected by five Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs. The Pyrenees guard the sheep from natural predators allowing both to live in harmony with the land. Williams Ranches grows the highest quality lamb, fed on grass, clover and alfalfa with no hormones or antibiotic supplements. The Williams hand select each lamb, determining processing time by the amount of fat cover. This ensures a quality, consistent product that is available year round. This process means you will get a leaner, milder lamb that simply melts in your mouth. Tender, mild, California lamb makes for elegant Lamb Rib Chops with an awesome presentation for a special meal.