Lemon Candle Delivery
Lemon Candle Delivery
Lemon Candle Delivery

Lemon Candle

$11.691 ct4
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When life gives you lemons… light ‘em up! After years of starring in still life paintings, the humble lemon has finally jumped mediums and is one of our favorite candles. This lemon candle looks great on its own, as a pair (or bunch) as well as in a fruit bowl… you just have to watch out for inattentive chefs!

Dimensions: H: 2” W: 3” D: 2”

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  • #Handmade


Helena Arbuzov

Wish they were a little bigger

So cute! I had to improvise a candle holder from a bowl. Will order more from the farmer 🙌

Franca Park

So cute

Obsessed as a decor piece. Haven’t burned it because I don’t want to ruin it

Daisy Alejandre

Smells SO good!!

I love this candle so much. & it smells like a lemon too! Super cute decor. I don’t even want to light it (‘:

Lauren Jones


But the scent was overwhelming.