Limono Oro Delivery
Limono Oro Delivery
Limono Oro Delivery
Limono Oro Delivery

Limono Oro

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Limono Oro is the thinner, “squeezier”, saltier, sweeter, and more convenient cousin of our Preserved Lemon Puree (which we call Limone Conservato… We’re learning so much Italian!). Keeping this condimento handy on the door of the fridge for a quick hit of salt, acid, and lemon bomb flavor! Conveniently arriving in a squeeze bottle with a twist top to prevent spillage, Limono Oro is gonna up your pasta, polenta, and roasted vegetable game, we promise!

Ingredients: Local Organic Meyer Lemons, Kosher Salt, Sugar, Meyer Lemon Juice. This is vegan and contains no preservatives.


Danielle Alvarez


Gave a fun zing of a lemony, salty flavor. Finished off some pasta and broccoli. Can’t wait to try it on more

Maya Brown

incredible condiment

I love lemon and knew I was gonna like this, but it really exceeded my expectations. the lemon flavor is sharp, salty, and sweet - a little goes a long way. I drizzled this over creamy sausage & pea pasta and it was insanely good. I could see this working so well on a white pizza, chopped salad, broccolini, or fish.

Nicholas Santos

Great but still figuring it out

I love this as another option to integrate preserved lemon, but I’m still figuring it out. Great quality though!