Manila Clams Delivery
Manila Clams Delivery
Manila Clams Delivery
Manila Clams Delivery

Manila Clams

$11.952 lb.5
Perishable - Delivers in a Refrigerated Box
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Arrives: Chilled

These wild-harvested Manila Clams from Hood Canal, WA are wonderful steamed and eaten out of the shell. These Manila Clams are perfect for pastas and for rice dishes like Paella. The meat is more delicate and bright than larger clams such as quahogs, but just as sweet with a nice briny finish.

Purging Clams
Manila Clams ingest some quantities of sand in their environment and need to be purged before cooking and eating.

Place them in a container of clean seawater or salt solution (1/3 cup salt to 1 gallon water) with about a cup of cornmeal. Freshwater should not be used.
Let them soak in the bath for several hours, and they will expel the sand and siphon the cornmeal.
Discard any clams whose open shells will not close when touched. Also discard any of the siphon clams that do not constrict their necks when touched. This is an indication that the clams are dead and no longer edible.

Please consume on the day of delivery.


Astin Henry

Fresh and amazing!

Such a great price for these clams. They arrive fresh. Looking forward to ordering again. So easy to prepare.

Jacqueline Young


I have never ordered fresh clams or fish via a grocery delivery platform so I didn’t know what to expect. These held up remarkably well, and only 2 of the whole package were dead. Super delicious and very decent value. Would repurchase!

Stephanie Contreras

The best!

These clams were incredible. They were super clean and fresh. The best part is that every single one of them opened up after cooking. The perfect addition to my cioppino. Would order again in a heartbeat.

Lili Pabz

Made w pasta

Made clam pasta and it was so yummy!

nicholas santos

Amazing quality

Had such a spectacular lunch. All arrived unscathed and not dead.