Mystery Pantry Box Delivery

Mystery Pantry Box

$35.001 ct.5
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The Mystery Pantry Box is filled with a diverse selection of surprise items that are carefully chosen by our team. Each box is a unique combination of products, ensuring that every delivery brings a fresh and delightful surprise to your doorstep.

Discovering the contents of your Mystery Pantry Box is an adventure in itself. You'll have the joy of unveiling the surprise items and discovering new products, flavors, and possibilities. From delicious snacks to handy pantry staples, each box is thoughtfully curated to bring you a delightful blend of both familiar and exciting new items.

Whether you're a foodie looking to expand your palate, a busy professional seeking convenience, or simply someone who loves a surprise, the Mystery Pantry Box is the perfect addition to your grocery routine. It's a fantastic gift idea too, offering a delightful surprise for friends, family, or colleagues.

*Contents of the box may differentiate on each delivery.


Matt Bessler

This one is our favorite.. 🥹

We build meals around these. Such fun!!

Maggie Silverman

Great mix of things

Felt like the stuff was worth more than the box price

Marie Brennan

Great assortment!

Lots of useful things in this box including pasta, preserves, canned tomatoes, rose harissa, etc. There was one non-vegetarian item that won't work for me so I'll give that one to a friend 😊

Eva Yavorkovsky

an amazing value

such a great mix of pantry items, and a fun way to try new things.

Meredith Buyrucu

Great selection

So many good items. Things I’ve never seen or tried and some staples but different brands then I have used. Great value. I highly recommend this box!