Mystery Produce Box Delivery

Mystery Produce Box

$30.001 ct.5
Perishable - Delivers in a Refrigerated Box
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Arrives: Fresh

Our bestselling Mystery Produce Box! Each box contains a selection of fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables carefully curated by our expert team. The value of mystery produce in box is worth $30 or more.

With the Mystery Produce Box, you'll get to enjoy the very best that nature has to offer, without having to spend hours browsing through the grocery store. Our selection changes every week, so you'll always have something new and exciting to try.

Not only is our Mystery Produce Box a great way to discover new and interesting fruits and vegetables, but it's also a fantastic way to support local farmers and reduce your carbon footprint. By purchasing our box, you'll be helping to promote sustainable agriculture and reduce food waste.

*Contents of Mystery Produce Box vary on availability and season.

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Abi Cho

Fresh! Fresh! Fresh!

Happy to have received such a wide variety of beautiful produce. From peppers to dinosaur kale to chard, daikon, carrots, the list goes on. I can see the amount of care and detail that was put into making the box. Thank you!

Beverly Chandler

Excellent Value!

Such a great variety of produce in this box, mine was absolutely packed and everything was crisp and fresh! No wilted greens in here. I appreciate that the selection seemed very well thought out with a balance of items - some that clearly go well together, but a selection that also has different use timelines. Like you wont need to hurry up and use everything in 2-3 days. I can say Feed’s produce box is my preferred out of the different vendor boxes I have tried.

Sacha Milito

Good variety

This box had butter lettuce, romain, fresh baby carrots, eggplant, broccolini, radishes, cucumbers, pomegranate, and more!

Zuliya Khawaja

Such a great value and produce are gorgeous

I can’t wait to get my next box. Everything was so fresh in the box.

Gayatri Kapur

Fresh produce

Included carrots, herbs, leafy vegetables, apples