New York Steak Delivery

New York Steak

$22.000.80-0.95 lb3
Frozen - Delivers in a Frozen Box
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A New York Steak is a steakhouse classic known for its juicy and intense flavor profile. This Boneless New York Strip Steak is a customer favorite! This steak is cut from the beef short loin and although not the most tender cut, it is loved for being a great all-around steak. Try New York Steak grilled over flame or seared in a hot cast iron skillet.

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Roxanne Hesh

I’m no grill master, but this was GOOD

This was a delicious 1.05lb NY steak. Unbelievably tender…I want more!

Jeffrey Whitehead

better than Ruth chris

these are very good steaks , great value. I sear them at very high heat until medium rare, and the first one was so good I ordered two more. absolutely fantastic for the price point - this is more of a packers cut than a retail cut, so expect to do some trimming!

Nicholas Santos

Great but pricey

This is good quality and overall good but I love a cheaper cut. But if you have to have the NY steak, this is a good option.