Olive Oil & Lemons Delivery
Olive Oil & Lemons Delivery
Olive Oil & Lemons Delivery
Olive Oil & Lemons Delivery

Olive Oil & Lemons

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Agrumato® Lemon is a unique condiment, the first of its kind, introduced by Manicaretti in the early 1990s. The crisp freshness of AGRUMATO® is achieved by the whole-fruit crushing process, which cannot be duplicated by the more common infusion method of other citrus-flavored oils. Whole lemons are crushed together with olives in a state-of-the-art frantoio, sealing the essential oils of the lemon zest in the resulting extra virgin olive oil. Agrumato® Lemon is ideal for using on salads, as well as over both grilled fish or raw fish crudo. Drizzle over focaccia or use in baked goods.

AGRUMATO® is the result of the creativity and passion of the Ricci family from Lanciano, in Abruzzo. Traditionally in this region of Italy, olive farmers have celebrated the end of the harvest by crushing lemons with freshly picked olives. The Ricci family had the ingenuity to bottle this unique oil, reviving a nearly forgotten Abruzzese tradition.

AGRUMATO® is the original. The Ricci family created and trademarked the word AGRUMATO®— from agrumi, meaning "citrus" in Italian—to describe their delicious olive oil with its bright citrus flavor,. AGRUMATO®'s incomparable flavor brightens dishes like no other oil can. Chefs use these ideal finishing condiments for drizzling over grilled meat or fish, for dressing fresh salads, and for pouring generously over vegetables. Many bakers also use AGRUMATO® oils in their pastry recipes.

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil & lemons

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