Ora King Salmon Fillet Delivery

Ora King Salmon Fillet

$26.30Pack of 24
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Arrives: Chilled

You've had salmon... but have you had Ora King Salmon? Ora King is to salmon as wagyu is to beef. The naturally high oil content in Ora King Salmon can be seen in the striking marbled fat lines within the bright orange flesh, instantly drawing comparison to Wagyu. Its mouthfeel is buttery and light, ideal for raw preparations.
6 oz.
Pack of 2


Annie Baik

Good quality and clean!

Great quality salmon. Clean and no worry about the disgusting stuff that plagues Atlantic farmed salmon (sea lice, yes, just one of many unimaginable horrors). Will definitely order this again - great vendor!

Ysabel Sullivan

One of the best salmons I’ve had

10/10 - this salmon was insane. So fresh, melt in your mouth, make with just a little lemon salt and pepper kind of good.

Cynthia Huang

Best salmon I’ve had!

MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH! Pan fry or air fry with a lil bit of salt and it’s perfect!

Maria Devera


Delicious and fresh, as always from four star. 😋