Orange Blossom Honey Yogurt Delivery
Orange Blossom Honey Yogurt Delivery
Orange Blossom Honey Yogurt Delivery

Orange Blossom Honey Yogurt

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4.9 oz.

Ultra creamy french style whole milk yogurt paired with aromatic orange blossom honey. La Fermière makes some of the best yogurt we've tried, with unparalleled creamy texture brought into perfect balance by the delicately orange-tinged honey. Sprinkled with granola or a few pistachios, yogurt doesn't get much better.

Ingredients: Grade A pasteurized whole milk, grade A pasteurized cream, orange blossom honey, live active cultures (S. thermophilus, L. bulgaricus)

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Jas Good

I see La Fermiere yoghurt, I buy

Never been a yoghurt fan until now. These are so good. This is the best of all the flavors I’ve tried.

Brandi Kolmer

favorite yogurt brand!

this is the absolute best yoghurt and comes in a cute resumable crock.

Louise Buckley

Not my favorite but still a cut above!

Kind of a faint flavor

Yvonne Jensen


Thick and creamy. Very different than the thickness and creaminess of greek yogurt. It’s closer to cream for ice cream. The orange blossom honey was subtle yet noteworthy. I will definitely be trying more flavors.

Priya Talwar

Yummy and creamy

It’s delicious! Perfect for a yogurt parfait. All you need to do it add granola and some fruit. Voila!