Organic A2 Chocolate Whole Milk Delivery
Organic A2 Chocolate Whole Milk Delivery

Organic A2 Chocolate Whole Milk

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12 fl oz.

Your bowl of cereal will never be the same. Milk affects everyone differently - and A2 milk makes all the difference! More like dessert than anything else, this ultra-creamy 4.5% milkfat Organic A2 Chocolate Whole Milk comes straight from Alexandre Family Farm's cows that are pastured all year long on their regenerative farm. All their cows are A2 cows, only containing the A2 beta casein protein known to be easily digested by the human body, whereas most cows found in the US contain the A1 protein that cause indigestion and allergies.The resulting milk made with real cacao and a bit of organic sugar is so flavorful & delicious we like it on its own in a frosty glass or even better, in milkshakes.

Ingredients: milk, cane sugar, natural cocoa powder, natural cacao flavor (cacao oleoresin)

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Ivy Wong

Childhood fave

Good, solid chocolate milk.

Emily Rampton

Rich chocolate milk

This is delicious and so rich! I actually mixed in a little plain whole milk to make it more to my taste

Mitch Ament

Great chocolate milk

This is my favorite chocolate milk available in the bay area

Tuna Yesim Oguz

Yummy chocolate milk

It tastes great! Real cow milk mixed with chocolate ❤️

Emily Shum


Really nice and rich chocolate flavour! Would get again