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Organic Apricot Pepper Jelly

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8 oz.

Frog Hollow Farm's apricot pepper jelly is the perfect marriage of the farms legendary organic fruits and their thriving new vegetable garden. Sulfur-free dried apricots give this smooth, spreadable jelly a unique, sweet and tart flavor that’s reminiscent of early summer. Real bits of finely chopped cayenne chili peppers lend just the right hint of spice in every bite. Pairs well with bold cheeseboard classics like rosemary crackers and aged sharp cheddars but shines best in a nostalgic San Francisco grilled cheese - Acme ciabatta, grilled onions and a gooey melted sharp cheddar!

Ingredients: organic apricots, organic cayenne peppers, organic apple cider vinegar, organic sugar, and citric and ascorbic acids

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