Organic Baby Frisee Delivery

Organic Baby Frisee

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Perishable - Delivers in a Refrigerated Box
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1 head. Frisee is a hardy green, and will maintain its texture when paired with warm ingredients making it ideal as part of a salad bed for grilled steak, salmon and chicken. It has a mildly bitter flavor and is often used to add flavor, color, and texture to specialty salad blends.

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Ivy Wong

Fancy salad time

I've loved frisée ever since I had the most amazing salad at my first French restaurant. It's very mild but the texture is why I love it so much.

D Luria

Excellent young frisee

Very young and tender -- no dark green outer leaves at all. Perfect as an aromatic salad green.


Fresshhh Frissee

lovely little bunch . Perfect for Herby salad

Khushbu Shah

Nice and peppery

I love frisée! Underrated green. Has the best texture.