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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Freshly pressed oil is called Olio Nuovo, or "new oil," and is prized for its vivid flavor and potent polyphenols. The 2022 Olio Nuovo from Frog Hollow Farm is to be enjoyed quickly to savor the heightened flavor of the fresh press.

Every year's olive crop and oil are different. This year’s oil has an exquisitely delicate mouthfeel with vegetal notes of kale and matcha. There are some grassy tones and hints of melon and grass-fed butter with a peppery finish and a deep green hue that you expect from a high-quality Olio Nuovo. Use this oil now, and use plenty of it.

Add liberally to baked potatoes, grilled bread, seasonal salads, soups, and even over vanilla ice cream with a pinch of Maldon salt.

500 ml.

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Priya Talwar

Good bang for your buck

Bought it in a pinch since graza wasn’t available. It’s okay.