Organic & Fair Trade Bananas Delivery

Organic & Fair Trade Bananas

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6 ct.

These ethically-grown bananas are not a product of the prevailing global banana industry, which has historically been responsible for ecological, social and political havoc in regions of the world in which bananas grow. The perfect naturally sweet base to your morning smoothie or the frozen inspiration behind your next batch of banana bread.

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Helen Sernett

Go bananas!

I’d been craving these and was so glad to get and eat them. Mine had a few bruises and one was busted open. But the flavor of all that were not damaged was great! I reported this and a few other issues with the shipment and got great customer service and a store credit.

Pamela Goldman

So good

Taste so good. Organic fruit is the way to go.

Praveen Kumar Annam

Tasty bananas

Yummy banana

Shabby Khalili


Flavorful & lasted fresh for a while!

Charlotte Band

Great bananas

Organic, fair trade, flavorful. What’s not to like?