Organic Red Kabocha Squash Delivery
Organic Red Kabocha Squash Delivery

Organic Red Kabocha Squash

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1 ct. Approx 3-4 lb. per ct. Renowned for its exceptional taste, this vibrant squash brings a unique sweetness and velvety texture to your palate. Unlike other squashes, the Organic Red Kabocha Squash boasts a rich, nutty flavor with a hint of sweetness that intensifies upon cooking. Its dense, orange flesh offers a smooth and creamy consistency, setting it apart in the world of squashes.

This organic gem displays a deep red exterior with distinctive greenish-blue patches. Its squat, round shape further differentiates it from traditional squashes. Roast it to perfection for a delectable side dish, blend it into a velvety soup, or incorporate it into savory stews for a burst of flavor. Elevate your salads, pasta dishes, or even desserts by adding this versatile squash to the mix.

Located in the picturesque Capay Valley of northern California, Full Belly Farm is a certified organic farm that has been committed to sustainability since 1985. The 400-acre farm is owned by Andrew Brait, Judith Redmond, Paul Muller, Dru Rivers, Jenna Muller, and Amon Muller, and employs around 80 people to produce a diverse range of vegetables, herbs, nuts, flowers, and fruits year-round. Full Belly Farm is also home to a flock of chickens and sheep, a tribe of goats, and several cows.

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