Organic Savoy Cabbage Delivery
Organic Savoy Cabbage Delivery
Organic Savoy Cabbage Delivery
Organic Savoy Cabbage Delivery

Organic Savoy Cabbage

$2.581 - 1.5 lb. 5
Perishable - Delivers in a Refrigerated Box
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Arrives: Fresh

1 - 1.5 lb.

Dirty Girl Produce famously plants their brassicas (broccoli, cauliflower and cabbages) closer together than most other farmers in order to make more efficient use of their limited space and also because they have found that the smaller heads yield a sweeter flavor. Sizes of the cabbage heads will vary with the seasons but tend to be on the smaller side (imagine golf to tennis ball sized heads occasionally sizing up to softball size but rarely bigger).

Savoy cabbage is most often cooked as the leaves tend to be a little thick and veiny when eaten raw. Stronger and more radish-like than other cabbages, Savoy makes an excellent stuffed cabbage!

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Astin Henry

Arrived so fresh

Farm fresh! I will purchase again. Great value.

Jason Berkman

my cabbage magically transforms into Kim Chi

I supplemented my kimchi vegetables in February of this year with this Dirty Girl savoy cabbage, and it did the trick perfectly. It's really beautiful, the produce from them.

Jacqueline Young

Love it!

So versatile! Great braised or raw in a slaw/salad.



Delicious but small, it still packs wonderful flavor. I sliced them to add into a veggie stir fry and was happy how it turned out.

Leo Gorgatti


These turned out great for boiling and incorporating into recipes! The leaves are super pliable and very tasty!