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Original Crisps

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Our Original flavored chicken chips are made with simple ingredients: 100% real premium chicken skin and salt. With the crispy and crunchy texture of potato chips (without the carbs) and the protein of jerky, this is the ultimate guilt free, keto friendly, low carb, and high protein snack.

  • #Gluten Free


Chelsea Cage

Shamelessly enjoy

Do they stink? Goodness, yes. Are they greasy? Also yes. But I can’t help but love them. They satisfy my chips craving while scratching my “I don’t know what I want to eat” itch. I’m a garbage person with a garbage palette so this is right up my alley. Try at your own risk. Don’t forget to brush your teeth (and tongue!) afterwards.

Bettina Houston

Very $$ & fried in soybean oil

I was excited to try these and ordered two bags but when I received the small bag I was shocked. 2.5 ounces, and the crisps are like eating greasy, dense chunks. I would NOT call these ‘crisps’, they’re not fluffy or enjoyable to eat. Worst of all- they’re fried in soybean oil which I didn’t realize until eating some of them- i 100% avoid soy so can’t use them even for breading chicken pieces. Avoid!

Mini D

Never received

Somethings always missing from an order lol


Chicken smell is not good

It gives off a rancid chicken smell

Harry Shapiro

not too my liking

imagine now this is for someone on a keto diet.... But it's just sort of salty greasy chicken skin