Original Hot Garlic Delivery
Original Hot Garlic Delivery

Original Hot Garlic

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Mama Teav’s Hot Garlic Sauce is a wholesome mixture of spice-laced organic ingredients and garlic all swimming in chili oil, which makes for an unsuspecting wave of spicy, sweet and savory flavors in each bite. Based on their mother's original recipe, the brother and sister duo at Mama Teav’s use all natural ingredients, no preservatives in this sauce. Pizzas, salads, and breads are a great place to start, but you can truly put this on anything.

Ingredients: Garlic, chilis, onion powder, mushroom powder, salt, celery salt, grapeseed oil

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Nicole Spear

Crunchy Garlic 🧄 🌶️ OMG best!!!

My can’t live without product. I literally put it on everything. Eggs, salmon, Ramen, roasted vegetables, rice, dishes, chicken. It’s not that spicy which is nice. It gives it more versatility. Buy some now and a lot of it. 💯

Jana Detrick

Hands down the best!

This is DELICIOUS, and the perfect crrrrruncccchhh! I’m not tolerant of super hot foods so this was just the right amount of kick.

Candace Shellnutt

Holy Mackerel Batman!

I've had so many chili crisps I have lost count because I'm addicted to the heat. I finally decided that "crisp" must mean the peanut that's in most of them. The little chilies and onions that were in them were never crispy at all. Until now. This little jar is full of wow! The onions in it are crispy! I don't know how they can remain that crisp inside chili oil. Thank God this is not full of canola/rape seed oil. I added a good teaspoon to the top of a salmon fillet and it was just ;) nom.

Judy M

The best Garlic Chili Crispppp

After I bought one , I depend on this for anything like drizzle on my breakfast toast or use for a noodle dish! This is definitely my favorite brand so far!

Alissa Higashi


Omg I could use this on EVERYTHING!!!