Original Probiotic Yogurt Delivery

Original Probiotic Yogurt

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16 oz.
The flavor that started it all. If you want a whole food potent synbiotic (probiotics + prebiotics) then this Original Probiotic Yogurt is for you. With zero added sugar, the 1 gram of naturally occurring sugar from coconut is almost all eaten by the probiotics during fermentation. What remains is an incredibly cleansing and healthy yogurt that is unlike any other. Try Coconut Cult Original Probiotic Yogurt with berries or a drizzle of chocolate, or just eat by the spoonful!

Ingredients: organic coconut meat, organic coconut water, organic coconut water concentrate, custom probiotic blend (16 strains of probiotics: l. lactis, s. thermophilus, l. salivarius, l. acidophilus, l. helveticus, l. plantarum, l. gasseri, l. brevis, l. casei, l. fermentum, l. reuteri, l. rhamnosus, b. longum, b. infantis, b. breve, b. bifidum)

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genuine probiotics

very tangy and fresh.

Bella Cataldi

Coconut yogurt

My favorite coconut yogurt - probiotic rich and a game changer for digestion!

Poornima Sundararaman

Rich, creamy and flavorful!

Such a great product. We’ve tried many different brands of the coconut yogurt from grocery stores, but none of them were as creamy as this one was!


Tangy, vibrant and ALIVE!

I love the sour, creamy flavor of this probiotic yogurt. Fizzing and bubbling upon opening the jar confirms it’s “alive” and going to give all the health benefits to it’s consumer.


Tangy goodness

2 spoons a day