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Mill Valley Pasta Co's orzo is finally, finally, finally here. "We love orzo! Since the launch of Mill Valley Pasta Co, we have been asked a billion times… “Do you have orzoooooooo?" When we finally had a machine large enough to make consistent Orzo, it was the first shape we committed to making. So, finally, yes, we have Orzo." Dried Pastas can be stored for up to 12 months from manufacture.Try Orzo with a simple burst cherry tomato sauce, in a pasta salad, or to bulk up a soup or stew.

Ingredients: Organic Semolina Flour.


Khushbu Shah

Really Good Quality

Love that it comes in a reusable glass jar! Really delicious flavor too. I love an orzo pasta salad and I will keep making them with this orzo

Eva Yavorkovsky

so cute

perfect for soups and stews. toothsome and i love how they are all slightly different