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Outrageous Onion Preserves

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Our Outrageous Onion Presreves are a classic French Savor preserve best paired with cheese or a roast. Sweet Onions are slow cooked and preserved with brown sugar and balsalmic vinegar. The flavor is a game changer turning an everyday meal into a feast.

• Serve with a burger for a deep sweet onion flavor.
• Spead on a wheel of brie and bake until runny. So yum.
• Perfection on a grilled cheese sandwich.
• Naturally Gulten Free & Vegan

Josephine’s Feast is an Award Winning Collection of Handcrafted Offerings in the tradition of a European Confiture. We select our fruits from family owned farms and custom blend spices to reflect the flavors of the season. Made by hand in limited small batch quantities. Our preserves, sauces and rubs reflect both the taste of the season and art of the confiseur.

Ingredients: Sweet onions, brown sugar, fresh apple juice, apple cider vinegar, balsalmic vinegar, fresh lemon juice, sea salt & fruit pectin.