Paneer Cheese  Delivery
Paneer Cheese  Delivery
Paneer Cheese  Delivery
Paneer Cheese  Delivery

Paneer Cheese

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Perishable - Delivers in a Refrigerated Box
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Sach’s Original Paneer is keto-friendly, gluten-free, and made with sustainable, grass-fed California milk. It is soft, crumbly, and melts in your mouth. With a very neutral taste, our original paneer is created for consumers, including kids, to just snack on. In addition to snacking, we also love using our paneer to cook traditional Indian dishes like Saag Paneer or simply sautéing it with some veggies. Paneer Cheese sears fairly quickly and makes for a quick and delicious weeknight meal. It's also great on the air fryer.

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Hetal Vasavada

Moist paneer!

Goodbye tough hard paneer! This paneer is super tender and moist - I love doing a quick meal using paneer and Seetis premade sauces!

Sumit Chachra

Best paneer!

Best paneer we’ve tasted. It’s organic, it’s local (sf), it’s yummy! We cut it into thin slices and fry it in some olive oil and sprinkle salt as a quick snack (think halloumi cheese). It’s amazing in curries as well.

Priya Talwar

The best paneer ever!

I’m a huge fan of this paneer cheese and have been ordering it even before it came on Pop. So glad they carry it here now. It’s so soft and delicious

Tuna Yesim Oguz


It was my first time getting paneer and cooking it! I love it! Definitely will buy it again!

Ece Cokar

best store bought paneer

this is the silkiest, best store bought paneer i have found! crisps up really well too❤️