Peach Ice Cream Sandwich Delivery

Peach Ice Cream Sandwich

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1 ct.

Our favorite creation straight from Frog Hollow Farm's own farm kitchen! Their sun-kissed peaches are hand-picked and brought to their kitchen to be made into fruit-forward hand-crafted ice cream sandwiches. Every batch of ice cream is encased in a house-made vanilla wafer to make the ice cream sandwich of your dreams. Love is translated in each bite.

Ingredients: Organic Frog Hollow Farm peaches, cream, organic milk, organic egg yolks, organic sugar, almond extract, Organic All-purpose flour, Organic butter, vanilla, baking powder, baking soda, salt


Cydney Malloy

If you like 🍑 you’ll love these

Frickin amazing! So good. I bought the apricot, pear and peach ice cream sandwiches from Frog Hollow and while the others were delicious, I fell in LOVE with the peach. The cookie is soft and short bread like and the ice cream is great. Def buying more

Priya Talwar


Delicious! One of the best flavors out of all the icecream sandwiches


Ice cream + peach = delicious

Not sure what else to say…it’s rich ice cream and peach. If you love peach you’ll be happy!

Erika P Guzman Tamayo

Peach ice cream sandwich

Very delish 🤤🤤🤤

Davina Jeng

Very disappointing

Had high hopes, but you couldn’t even tell that the ice cream was peach. It kind of tasted like nothing. Also, they are tiny! Especially given how expensive they are for one.