Peru Anibal Alarcón Delivery
Peru Anibal Alarcón Delivery
Peru Anibal Alarcón Delivery

Peru Anibal Alarcón

$22.0012 oz.

Taste Notes: Dr. Pepper, Penny Candy, Cannonball
Sensory Notes: molasses, green apple, satin sheets, soda-pop, cliff jump, round town, ebullient sweetness
Region: Jaén, Cajamarca
Grown By: Anibal Alarcón on Finca La Palestina
Elevation: 1769 MASL
Varieties: Bourbon
Processing: Washed
Importer: Apex

The Alarcón family operates a famously epic and expansive farm in Cajamarca called La Palestina, where the bros split up supervision of 7 parcels and contribute distinct farming/processing expertise as well. Anibal is Palestina’s Master of Fermentation (unofficial title), and his lot is 100% Bourbon.

Bourbon is one of the classic classic coffee varieties, and it’s absolute magic when grown under the right circumstances and processed with the right guidance. This is a perfect example of both, so what we’ve got is a luscious, round, red-fruit-meets-cola-meets-candy vibe that is simultaneously attention-grabbing and versatile. Truly a desert-island coffee, if we had to choose one.

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