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Pie Dough

$8.218.8 oz. 2
Frozen - Delivers in a Frozen Box
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8.8 oz. Arrives frozen.

This Pie Dough from the Three Babes team thaws perfectly so you can create their famous all-butter crust pies with your own creations & fillings at home. It crisps up perfectly, especially with a cream or egg wash and a sprinkle of raw sugar. One disk is enough for one 10" pie shell and enough strips to weave a lattice on top. Make sure to order two if you're making a double-crust!

Ingredients: Flour, Butter, Kosher Salt, Cane Sugar, Water, Apple Cider Vinegar.


Emily Cooper

I’ll never make pie dough again

This is the dufour pastry of the pie crust world. Great product that is better and cheaper than what you could make at home, made with quality ingredients. Love this for a savory galette. I always keep a disc in my fridge for last minute parties or guests

Gabby Bonbom


This was really easy to use and tasted great! It says to buy two if you want to make a pie with a top for a 9 inch pie pan. I just halved the dough and it still turned out fine.