Pistachio Dry Turkish Baklava Delivery

Pistachio Dry Turkish Baklava

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Flown fresh from Gaziantep, the birthplace of baklava! A major stop on every Turkish tourist's itinerary, the Çağdaş family's restaurant is known for its pistachio baklava.

The texture and the quality of its syrup determine its flavour. The syrup should not be too sweet or too sour. One of the important points in making Baklava is to make the layers so thin in order to make the dessert melts in the mouth, and we guarantee, this one does.

We strive to deliver exceptional products to you; however, please note that the delivery of these items may experience delays caused by factors beyond our control, such as customs and logistics as they are sourced from overseas.

The flavour of Baklava derived from its numerous contents. It is made from flour, amylum, baking powder, sugar, eggs, yogurt, vinegar, oil, butter and pistachio. It does not cause heartburn to you. It has a mild flavour thanks to the texture of syrup.


Hrishi Bhagwat


This is the real deal!

Dylan Hua


Great purchase and supporting the cause

Alexandre T


straight from turkey, even after the earthquake. delicious. bought them twice

Okan Sayilgan

Not fresh

Not fresh