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Pita Chips

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Obour Foods makes their pita chips fresh from scratch every weekend to go with their creamy hummus at their Farmers' Market stalls. Cut into small pieces and then baked with just olive oil and seasoned with organic extra-virgin olive oil, kosher salt & black pepper, these pita chips are the healthies you will find for all your dipping pleasures.

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Nicholas Santos

Pricey but exquisite

Yeah I will have to get these again unfortunately.

Asra Sarfraz

Amazing crunch and flavour!

Hands down some of the best well seasoned chips I’ve had!

Rachel A Levin

Best pita chips I’ve ever eaten!

I always run out of the pita chips before busting out the dip. Doh!

Maggie Silverman


Glad that these are baked as opposed to fried like it often is at farmers markets. Those are good too but it’s nice to have a healthier option

Valerie Coombs

shockingly delicious!

you might think you're just getting a regular snack but then you'll try one and you'll realize they're amazing!