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Plantain Chips Delivery
Plantain Chips Delivery
Plantain Chips Delivery

Plantain Chips

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3 oz.

Baked plantain chips, found in Latin American and Caribbean cuisines, are chips made from green plantain. Members of the banana family, plantains are more starchy and savory in taste. Unlike bananas, they aren’t sweet and are lower in sugar.

Maria del Carmen, began selling her freshly fried plantain chips to local families that missed the taste and crunch of tostadas from El Salvador. She only sells them at specialty markets around town, and at the Civic Center Farmer's Market where she runs a stand. These large sized pieces of crispy plantains are not too thin, so you can really taste it. Perfectly crunchy and not oily, simply eat them plain or dunked in dip. You will devour the bag in minutes.

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Dylan Hua


Love plantains

Maria Devera


Yummy! Different from normal store bought. Doesn’t have all the extra sugars.