Plum (ACV Fruit Vinegar) Delivery

Plum (ACV Fruit Vinegar)

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Our Plum Sideyard Shrub preserves the great tasting, sweet smelling, pleasantly tart, beloved summer stone fruit. We love to use this flavor in salad dressings, or add a splash to sparkling water for a delicious and healthy soda alternative.

And seriously... What's better than a high sell-through, healthy food and beverage product that directly supports small-scale agriculture and looks as beautiful on your retail store shelves?!

We source peak-season fruit from small-scale farms in Southern California — and combine it with good-for-your-gut organic apple cider vinegar (ACV) — for a great-tasting, versatile vinegar for cooking, cocktails, mocktails and more!

The fruit in this shrub is sourced from a small-scale, organic farm in Southern California. The name and description of our highly curated farm partner can be found on the side of each and every bottle label.

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