Pork Carnitas Delivery
Pork Carnitas Delivery

Pork Carnitas

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14 oz.

Roli Roti's Pork Carnitas are an all-time fan favorite. Coked sous vide for the most flavorful and tender meat you've ever tried. Just pan-fry the meat to get that traditional crispy, caramelized finish. Easily shredded into anything from tacos and nachos to salads, sandwiches, and infused with flavor from real orange and fresh herbs, Roli Roti's Pork Carnitas are ideal for weeknight dinners, taco nights or everything in between!

Ingredients: pork shoulder, lard, orange juice, orange zest, kosher salt, black pepper, bay leaves.

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Charlotte Band

Level up your taco night

Level up your taco night with these delicious and easy pre-cooked carnitas (they just need to be heated up) spiced with orange peel and other yummy things.

Sarah Stevens

Very Tasty

Cooks to crispiness very quickly. Great flavor, nice orange peel in with the pork too which allows the acid to balance the fat. Very good!

Martina Barrera-Hernandez

Perfect for easy dinner

Delicious for taco night! The spices are delicious and get really crispy.

Sherry Meeji


Flavorful and easy to make. A wonderful dish that I can’t wait to eat again

Carlyn Tracymetz

Meaty with orange bits!

Yum af! I LOVE Carnitas and this is an easy/lazy way to have some fast. Simple ingredients and the orange rind bits make the diff.