Potato Chips with Sea Salt Delivery

Potato Chips with Sea Salt

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9.7 oz.

You've never had potato chips like these. These gourmet potato chips are found in tapas bars all over Spain, these Potato Chips with Sea Salt are made by the famous Bonilla. Bonilla hand-picks each one of their potatoes from world class suppliers in Xinzo de Limia in Galicia, hand-slicing each one with calculated precision to maximize crunch vs. airiness for a quality that you can see, feel, hear, smell, and taste. Cooked with olive oil and crunchy sea salt for an extra layer of flavor! Contained in a large, BPA-free tin perfect for a backyard hangout with friends, to a fancier brunch. When the tin’s empty, just reuse it for a planter, or a spoon crock, or perhaps the world’s cutest trash bin!

Ingredients: potatoes, olive oil, sea salt.


Isabelle A.



Natalie James

Fun to Try, But Just OK!

I was really excited to try these chips from Spain. I’m working on a travel project where I’ve been researching restaurants across the world and this tin of chips regularly appeared when sourcing places in Spain. They’re a beloved chip of the country! Unfortunately I cannot endorse the $41 price tag for chip quality alone (I’d choose Torres over this any day) — BUT if you’re simply curious, I say scratch the itch. Nothing beats trying an international treat that’s hard to find at home.