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Premium Saffron Threads

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2g. Saffron has inspired the world for more than 4,000 years. Moonflowers offers the super-negin type – the best saffron – which is a long stemmed, deep red, and strongly flavored organic saffron, handpicked in Afghanistan. Sourced directly from family-owned farms, there are only a few spices in the world as precious as this. This premium-grade saffron elevates your recipes with its floral, earthy aroma and golden color and has limitless recipe applications, from hot tea to crispy tahdig. Ingredients: Saffron flower stigma.

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Ivy Wong

Excellent quality

I've been drinking saffron as a tea lately. Quite lovely.

Beverly Ayran

Powerful scent

Perfect for veggie paella. Compared this with two others from the same country and this was the clear winner.