Presliced Mortadella with Pistachios Delivery

Presliced Mortadella with Pistachios

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4oz. This classic Italian cold cut has been produced since ancient times – the 1st century! Ferrarini’s Mortadella with Pistachios is produced in Reggio Emilia, Italy, using only the most carefully selected ground pork and studded with real Italian pistachios and follows a traditional recipe. Enjoy on your next antipasto platter, or stuffed in a classic piadina or fresh slices of focaccia for a satisfying lunch. Ferrarini has been expertly producing high-quality Italian charcuterie and specialty means since the mid-1950s, respecting classic techniques and ancient recipes. Ingredients: Pork, pork stomach, pork fat, salt, pistachio nuts, spices and flavorings, sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrite.

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Martina Barrera-Hernandez


Big mortadella fan and this one is fantastic! Super thin slices and the pistachios are a yummy touch

Sandra Chan

Good texture

Good texture, flavourful and generous serving!

Brandi Kolmer

expires in 4 days

product says packaged in May but expires 4 days from when I got it in September. they should leave a longer window to use prepackaged deli meats