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Red Shiso Syrup

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This syrup's base flavors are red shiso and ume plum. Ume plum flavor is tangy, assertive, and punchy, and has a hint of apricot.

The red color comes from red shiso leaves--the red version of more common green shiso leaves which you often see on sushi. Red Shiso has its own unique aroma--somewhat reminiscent of dark red cherry.

The beautiful red color turns vibrant pink when you add bubbly or plain water. Add the syrup to plain or bubbly water, ratio 1:4, for a virgin drink.

Try a quick and easy Red Shiso Margarita (1:3 Red Shiso Syrup and Tequila Blanco, plus a squeeze of lemon juice). Serve with salt on the rim of the glass.

Ingredients: Red shiso leaves, ume plums, white vinegar, organic sugar

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Bob Harkin

Great over ice, in spritzer, in cocktails

Fantastic flavor. Great with sparkling water, or tonic, or whiskey, or vodka, or wine spritzer. Just all around bright syrup. I don’t like it in my ice tea but guests do. Shrug. It takes all kinds.

Nicholas Santos

Great quality but pricey

Also it’s just ume syrup if you’re familiar. Idk what this red shiso title is about.