Rice Vinegar Delivery
Rice Vinegar Delivery
Rice Vinegar Delivery
Rice Vinegar Delivery

Rice Vinegar

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8 oz.

Developed by David Chang and the Momofuku Culinary Lab, the Momofuku Rice Vinegar is the restaurant-grade version of your grocery store staple. They start with sourcing a proprietary blend of rice, fermenting it and aging it until it meets their standards. The result is an unfiltered vinegar with full-on Momofuku-level flavor that ends in a bright, crisp, citrus finish for the vinegar of our dreams. Use it to add a zesty dash of acid to salad dressings, soups, fresh seafood, and marinades.

Ingredients: organic rice wine vinegar diluted with water to 4.2% acidity


Jason Berkman

 Rice vinegar is my friend.

I really enjoy rice vinegar and apple cider vinegar, more so than regular salad vinegar these days. Rice vinegar in particular is so good in soups and broth, even just sipping on some bone broth with a splash of Momofuko rice vinegar is so satisfying. Everything I have from this company is extra good and flavorful. I just got their tamari as well.