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12 oz.

Bayview Pasta's fresh Rigatoni is hand milled at a low temperature to retain essential amino acids and nutrients lost in commercial milling. This makes their pasta slightly nutty and full of the sweet flavor of hard white wheat while much healthier and easier to digest. Hand made with non-gmo wheatberries souced from reputable West Coast farms, using traditional rolling, sheeting, and extruding processes, the method yields long strands with a slightly springy, chewy, delicate texture and a delicious flavor. This shape holds up to thicker sauces, best in baked recipes and tossed in a flavorful meat sauce, topped with plenty of cheese.

Ingredients: semolina, hard white wheat, red wheat, red fife, spelt, water

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Julie Cha

Fresh pasta!

I’m always in search of a fresh pasta and I’m so happy to find a local fresh pasta business. The pasta was chewy and fresh and you can tell the difference between store bought and bayview pasta!

Maria Devera

I love fresh pasta!

My favorite pasta to repurchase every week.