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Roasted Banana Travel Cake

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Founded in 2011, Craftsman and Wolves has never been boring with this San Francisco bakery’s ever-evolving and inventive menu. One of their signature items, this cake was not meant to stay on the menu for so long but quickly grew its own fan club! Their take on the classic favorite banana cake is updated with a touch of toasted coconut. It is moist with shredded unsweetened coconut mixed in for texture. Glazed with a coconut glaze and finished off with more desiccated coconut. Ingredients: AP flour, baking soda, salt, coconut rape, canola oil, eggs, vanilla bean paste, brown sugar, sugar, buttermilk, banana puree, water, absolute cristal, cocoa nibs

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Ellis Miskell

Roasted banana cake

Really tasty! I ate this one a few days after I got it and it was still moist, the cacao nibs added a nice crunch

Maria Devera

So delicious!

Omg. So delicious! 😋. I can’t just buy one. I started buying 8 at a time to last a week. 😂


Let’s Go Bananas 😂

This Travel Banana Bread Sooo Yummy Don’t just buy one !! I learned my lesson After you have one … You want more They’re Tiny But Mighty Delicious 🤤

Lauren Jones


The size of this banana travel cake was little a bite.