Rockfish Fillet Delivery

Rockfish Fillet

$10.361 lb3
Perishable - Delivers in a Refrigerated Box
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Arrives: Chilled

This Rockfish Fillet from Four Star Seafood is a local favorite. Pacific Coast Wild Rockfish Fillet (also called Pacific Snapper), arrives skinless and boneless, ready for preparation. It's ideal for deep-frying, making it a good choice for fish and chips and fish tacos, but is also delicious pan fried with lemon and butter.


Jacqueline Young

Great value, beware of bones

I think the price for the amount of fish you get is great! Was able to feed my 3 adult household with this one pack. I am docking a star because every filet in the pack had a TON of bones. Luckily, they are bigger bones and aren’t too difficult to remove but it is a bit time consuming.

Jeff Thompson


Beautiful filets. Must be fresh from the sea.

Julie Cha


Love how fresh this rockfish is! It was my first time trying out rockfish and I was pleasantly surprised on how flake the meat was. There are bones in the fillet to watch out for but delicious overall