Salsa Casera Delivery
Salsa Casera Delivery
Salsa Casera Delivery

Salsa Casera

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6 fl oz. Tangy, sweet, charred, creamy, and umami-packed, this recipe combines locally grown red chiles, housemade vinegar, and tart-smokey dried tomatoes. This current iteration has 6 different kinds of locally grown, directly-sourced red chilies. Use on fish tacos, tinned fish, shrimp, braised red meats, tamales, and burritos. Ingredients: Local blend of dried chilies, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, shallot, onion, wine vinegar, sea salt. Tacos Everywhere crafts unique and small-batch “Californian” salsas by hand in Richmond, CA using local and seasonal ingredients, with a focus on high integrity producers, farms, and people.

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