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Salsa Negra

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6 fl oz. Salsa Negra was the first flagship sauce from Tacos Everywhere. Made from smokey chipotle chiles and avocado blossom honey from Stepladder Ranch, the chiles and garlic are fried, then made into a paste for a rich, caramel-sweet taste balanced with smokiness. Use in and on eggs, avocado toast, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, grilled veggies, steak, dumplings, soups and chilis. Ingredients: High-oleic sunflower oil, chipotle meco, garlic, avocado blossom, honey, water, sea salt. Tacos Everywhere crafts unique and small-batch “Californian” salsas by hand in Richmond, CA using local and seasonal ingredients, with a focus on high integrity producers, farms, and people.

  • #Gluten-Free
  • #Low Sugar
  • #Vegetarian
  • #Limited
  • #Nut-Free
  • #Dairy-Free


Rachel Weeks

spicy boy

flavor was incredible but this salsa was too hot for me! my spice tolerance is low but that’s between me & god so I’m not taking off a star. if you like spicy, you’ll love this. and 10/10 for flavor and aesthetic packaging 🤌🏼