Salted Pistachios  Delivery
Salted Pistachios  Delivery
Salted Pistachios  Delivery
Salted Pistachios  Delivery

Salted Pistachios

$11.801.1 lb.5
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1.1 lb. Flown fresh from Gaziantep, the birthplace of baklava! A major stop on every Turkish tourist's Gaziantep itinerary.

Pistachios are one of the most fertile fruits and cookies have grown in Turkey. This food is also called Green Gold; It is a gift to the whole world from the lands of Southeast Anatolia. This rare source of healing grown on the pistachio tree has great commercial value as it is used in many areas of the food industry. It has a large share of the economy. The Pistachio plant in Turkey is one of the best investments. The most important ingredient of Turkish desserts, especially Turkish delight and baklava. It is also very lovingly consumed as a snack. It is a fun food while eating with freshness, naturalness, and taste.

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simin atayman

The crunchiest and tastiest pistachios

Sorry CA! But Gaziantep knows how to roast pistachios to perfection!

Maria Devera


The best roasted pistachios! So excited they have them again. I bought extra this time. 😋

Isabelle A.

The Best


Melissa K.


The pistachios were very fresh and crispy 😋 thank you for the careful delivery 🙏🏻

Dylan Hua

Nuts !

The best pistachios I’ve ever had