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Seasonal Herb Fettuccine

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Bayview Pasta's Seasonal Herb Fettuccine is hand milled at a low temperature to retain essential amino acids and nutrients lost in commercial milling. This makes their pasta slightly nutty and full of the sweet flavor of hard white wheat while much healthier and easier to digest. Handmade with non-gmo wheatberries souced from reputable West Coast farms, Seasonal Herb Fettuccine are made using traditional rolling, sheeting, and extruding processes. The method yields long strands with a slightly springy, chewy, delicate texture and a delicious flavor. Bayview Pasta changes the herbs in this pasta seasonally. Nettle in spring, spinach in summer, sage in fall and rosemary in winter.

Ingredients: semolina, durum, water, nettles, spinach, parsley, mint, sage, rosemary




I didn’t get a ton of herby flavor from these bad boys, but, frankly, I didn’t care. The pasta was absolutely delicious, and the color is ravishing. Stick closer to 2 minutes for cook time to keep it al dente. Will repurchase.

Rachel Polansky

So yummy and fresh!

Love this pasta super tasty

Robbie Molina

Loveee these pasta

I love how they incorporate herbs and making it green. It’s chewy and firm and tasty with any sauce!

Elle B.

Great flavor

Fresh and vibrant, pairs great with Early Girls

Sherry Meeji

Fresh and springy

Tastes wonderfully fresh with a great flavor