Sesame Wheat Bread Delivery
Sesame Wheat Bread Delivery

Sesame Wheat Bread

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Sesame Wheat Bread from Josey Baker is one of their most in-demand loaves. A crunchy sesame crust covers a chewy interior of sourdough perfection. Use this Sesame Wheat Bread as a base for a tartine or to make the crunchiest sandwich ever. Ingredients: Whole Wheat Flour, Whole Rye Flour, Sesame Seeds, Sourdough Culture, Sea Salt.

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Emma Pollon

This bread is so damn good

Soft inside crunchy outside and the sesame flavor slaps! Love it

Brooke Leigh

so crunch and fluffy

this breads texture is SO GOOD and i loved the crunch around the crust but i learned i do not love sesame things as much as i thought i did. is very sesame forward on flavor which if you love — you’ll love this bread.

Nicholas Santos

Just another variation of the GOAT

Yeah you should get this and be a thick toast person. Just do it. Do it!

Julianne Spitler

Sesame lover’s dream bread

I just adore this bread. The inside is so incredibly moist and soft. I find it divine as simple toast dipped in some olive oil. The toasted sesame seeds really make it special.

Sandra Shu

Delicious bread!

Love how this bread is kind of sweet, with a nice crunch from the sesames.