Sliced Coppa Delivery
Sliced Coppa Delivery

Sliced Coppa

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Perishable - Delivers in a Refrigerated Box
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Arrives: Chilled

2 oz.

Coppa comes from the shoulder of a pig and looks like salami, marbled with delicious fat, but it is in fact a whole cut of meat taken from a single muscle. Meat Crafters slices theirs out of all natural Duroc pork collar, seasoned with spices, then dry cures for three months.

Ingredients: All natural Duroc pork collar seasoned with fennel, garlic, black and red pepper, paprika, and nutmeg.


Maria Devera

My favorite

My favorite of all the charcuterie

Julie Cha


I tried these with crackers and goat cheese and it was delicious! Not too salty and great meat flavor.

Vanessa Chase

Perfect for charcuterie

Amazing with cheese and crostini, too tough for a sandwich

Valerie Coombs

I could eat this all day!

meat crafters have the best charcuterie!

Lily Hoangzhu

Nice but.... plastic?

The overall flavor is nice- but it has an aftertaste that is akin to plastic, and is much chewier than other sliced meats. The duck prosciutto from this brand doesnt have this issue, so unsure why this & a few other items have that off taste..