Smoky No. 56  Delivery

Smoky No. 56

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Smoky No.56 is our soulful, potent sipper, suited to the fireside table. This drink might remind you of the friend who tells you like it is—and then gives you the biggest, most accepting hug—the friend you’ll stay
up late with, murmuring your deepest yearnings.

WE TASTE: Smoke, Hint of maple, Citrus, Longing

Serve: over a large rock with an orange peel, or as a base for mixed cocktails—everything from bloody Mary to tiki drinks (really!)

  • #Sugar Free
  • #Vegan


Rachel Weeks

like a non-alcoholic mezcal cocktail

was so excited to try this for a coastal cowgirl themed dinner party recently. it is definitely smoky – like a cross between mezcal and a sweet dark spirit. was a little too intense for me but such a fun addition to the party & I saved the bottle because the branding is too cute. 🤩